Faith In Humanity

“Never read the comments”, is what they say when watching or reading something that features a “controversial” subject. But me being the curious cat that I am, I skim through the comments anyway. I skim mostly expecting to read something negative but clinging to the hope that not all humans have consumed themselves in hatred and feel hell-bent on spewing poison at strangers.

The world is a very complex place filled with so many complex human beings. I’d like so much to think that love conquers hate but realistically speaking hate is always the loudest and often times the most destructive.  I think we fixate so much on the negative because negativity is associated with pain and suffering, two things that humans fear the most.

In a perfect world, we would all be able to peacefully coexist together in our own unique ways because people would mind their own damn business and wouldn’t feel the need to inject themselves and their personal beliefs into the lives of others. In a perfect world, people wouldn’t feel the need to shame others for being different or existing in a way that contradicts their way of existing. In a perfect world, There would be no such thing as normal because normal is a self centered construct that only applies to individuals who fear being separated and left alone.

However, this world of ours is not perfect. It is run by all things bred in fear, i.e. greed, hate, and narcissism. Fear is what motivates many humans to do awful things to each other in the name of what they believe to be the greater good. It’s a failed and twisted logic that historically has been proven to fail us ALL over and over again.

Peace seems like a fairy tale concept because so many people  walk around living in their delusional bubbles detached from reality and each other. They live in fear of reality(outsiders) coming in and popping their warped reality bubble. They pride themselves on being apathetic and losing a great sense of their humanity.

I was watching Wonder Woman the other day and there was a scene where she was walking through the battle field. She was horrified by all the carnage and mayhem surrounding her. She felt the need to step in and help every single person she came by but the men she was with insisted that those people were a lost cause and nothing could be done. However, It wasn’t in Wonder Woman’s inherent nature to just turn a blind eye to what was so obviously there in front of them.

That scene to me represents how it feels to walk through life everyday. The world is a battle field and as I stroll down the streets of New York, all I see is carnage and pain. It breaks my heart and I wonder sometimes how do others live surrounded by such blatant suffering. I wonder sometimes if it is just me seeing it. I felt this way even growing up in the projects of Dallas, Texas where the air smelled just like suffering.

I often times feel helpless because I have no clue what it is that I can do to help those whom I see suffering. I want to be like Wonder Woman and jump onto the battle field and take on the enemy head first but I understand how reality works. Wonder Woman is also a fictional immortal superhero character and I am just a regular mortal human clinging to my sanity.

But despite the odds against me, I have not given up on humankind. If I exist then I know that others like me are out there as well. I do understand that many people nowadays practice apathy because they themselves feel helpless. I know that if many of them felt empowered to do anything to help others they would. But at some point they became overwhelmed by the amount of suffering in our world. They felt that the burden was to heavy of a load to carry on their own. It’s also hard to carry the burdens of others when you yourself are dealing with your own wounds.

I’m not certain when we humans started to become so disconnected from each other but it’s high time we started reconnecting and helping one another.  It’s time that we start to work together in this fight against hate. We are the love warriors and we are mightier together. I understand that many of want to be THE hero, but in this situation that is ego talking and ego is the enemy of progress. Put ego aside and lets get to work.

My goal moving forward is to help put to rest this culture of hate that is trendy right now. I want lovers to rise up and help us all heal together. Based on what i’m seeing with much of the youth coming up, we’re heading in a that very progressive direction. Of course, there are still ignorant fools raising ignorant fools but hopefully the new generation of ignorant fools aren’t as stuck in their residual ignorance much like their elders who feel the need to pass down their toxic wisdom.

It saddens me to know that it may not happen in my lifetime but on the same token it feels great to know that with our guidance and support, our children will ultimately be the ones to make world peace and healing a reality.

Nagato Naruto



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